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Kid & Pet Friendly Bluebonnet Field!

This field’s description page is under construction. We will be working on the page as the 2013 Texas Bluebonnet season progresses.

Please refer to the following map for location details.

View Kid & Pet Friendly Texas Bluebonnet Fields in a larger map

Disclaimers: Kid- and pet-friendly does NOT mean there are no rattlesnakes, fire ants, bees, scorpions, and/or other hurtful vermin Texas is so famous. Use common sense, y’all. Watch where you — and your loved ones — step, stand, and sit.

We do not guarantee all fields in our list allow pets, especially those fields in metropolitan park areas. We have, to the best of our abilities, checked sources for pet policies. We are using the description “Kid- and Pet-Friendly” in a general sense. If we know a particular park does not allow pets, we have written the park’s pet policy on the field’s description page. If in doubt, call ahead and check. If no pet policy exists, then we assume the field is pet-friendly until we are told otherwise. If you do find a field is not pet-friendly, please email us and we will update our information.


  1. Christine

    Anyone know if there are any rules/laws regarding this field? Are we allowed on it on the weekends? Good to park around there?

    • bluebonnets

      We haven’t heard of any rules or procedures. From the sounds of it, people can go on the weekends, if not all the time. And we’ve heard there is plenty of parking along the street. We’ll be flying in Dallas this weekend and we’ll be taking a looksie at this field.

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