Big In The Hearts of Texans

Close-Up of a Texas Bluebonnet Flower

Texas Bluebonnet

Lupinus texensis … the Texas Bluebonnet.  Standing just over 12 inches, the Texas Bluebonnet is a mighty big flower in the hearts of Texans.  No one can deny its beauty.  And as they worm their way through the cold Texas earth and raise their violet-blue heads to the expansive sky above, there is no denying that spring is just around the corner.

Each year sometime around January or February, the same questions begin to form on every Texan’s lips.  When will the bluebonnets bloom? Where are the best places to see the bluebonnets? And will it be a bumper crop this year? But as all Texans know, these questions aren’t easily answered.  Bluebonnets are as free-willed and independent as the people who love them.

We don’t believe any other state flower has carried on a stronger or longer-lasting love affair with its people than that of the Texas Bluebonnet.  Texans are fierce about their state flower.  So fierce that a 70-year debate simmered in the Texas Legislature while different factions battled it out for which species of bluebonnet would become the official Texas state flower.

Some people’s love affair with the bluebonnet — from former First Ladies and Governors to university professors and everyday people, as well as the Texas Highway Department — were so strong and personal, that they devoted a large part of their lives to protecting and proliferating the beauty we Texans see along our highways and byways each and every spring.

And as the bluebonnet season fast approaches, we’d like for you to consider becoming a part of this community of bluebonnet lovers.  We created this website so everyone can share their thoughts, photos, and videos of the bluebonnet fields discovered along the way.

We’ve made sharing reports of bluebonnet sightings as simple as whipping out your cell phone in the middle of a field, snapping a picture or video, and sending an e-mail.

It doesn’t get any simpler than that!

No more waiting until you get home to report your sightings and upload your pictures.  You can do it in the field and on the fly — real-time and geotagged!

So what does the bluebonnet mean to you?  This season as you’re standing in a field awash with a sea of blue that stretches as far as the eye can see, take a deep breath, relax, soak in the vision before you, and take a moment to reflect on your love affair with the Texas Bluebonnet.