2014 Texas Bluebonnet Season









Don’t worry!

We’ll keep this website up for the time being so y’all can plan your strategy for the 2014 Texas Bluebonnet Season.

Look through our past reports to locate potential bluebonnet fields for this season.

Be sure to connect with us — email updates, Facebook, Twitter, or stopping by this website — to stay up-to-date with our antics and to know when we’ve launched the new website.


Our Prediction for the 2014 Texas Bluebonnet Season


Update as of March 20, 2014:

We were working hard on launching our new website — www.bluebonnetlove.com — so we’re a little behind on getting our sightings reports out.

We’ll be playing catch up with those the next few days in addition to catching up on some sleep.

Don’t worry! There wasn’t too much happening in terms of the Bluebonnet Bloom just yet.

We’re headed to Brenham this weekend to check on all our favorite fields. We’ll update y’all on how they’re doing.

We think things are going to start lighting up pretty quick. Stay tuned!


Update as of March 16, 2014:

We’re tirelessly putting the final touches on our new website — it will launch March 20, 2014.

In the meantime, a few brief updates to the Texas Bluebonnet season:

Corpus Christi is coming into full bloom with reports of additional fields coming in:

  1. Corner of Kostoryz Road and Holly Road, right by the Valero gas station.
  2. Wales Park — on the south side of the park — closest intersection is Wapentate and Wales Drive.

We’ll have these Corpus Christi sightings up and ready on our new website on March 20th.

Deep South Texas:

  1. Report of bluebonnets in Laredo, Texas, and Penitas, Texas.

We’ll have these Deep South Texas sightings up and ready on our new website.

Houston, Texas;

  1. Memorial Park in Houston is just beginning to bloom — look to our Facebook page’s timeline for location details until we get additional photos to make official sightings reports.


No major blooming reported elsewhere in the state — Brenham still has a few Mavericks and Townies but nothing in the fields; Texas Hill Country has Mavericks popping up around Marble Falls but we haven’t heard of any substantial blooming activity taking place as of yet; and it’s still too early for Ennis.


Update as of March 6, 2014:

There are signs the 2014 Texas Bluebonnet season might be getting off to an early start. Let’s cross our fingers it doesn’t happen!

Corpus Christi has already reported various bluebonnet patches along I-37 north of downtown already in full bloom. They are on the smaller side but a welcome sight nonetheless.

There were, however, no additional blooms north of Corpus Christi to San Antonio along I-37 as of February 28, 2014.

There are reports there are blooms along I-10 in the median between Luling and Columbus — not any large fields but periodic blooming plants. This is typical for this area. It’s always one of the first to begin blooming in the state.

Saw a few blooms in the Texas Hill Country in Marble Falls and along FM 1431 just outside Marble Falls. No fields or large patches, mostly Mavericks here and there. Moisture is definitely needed in the Hill Country for the plants already on the ground to get plump and juicy. Everyone pray for precipitation!

Brenham has a nice bluebonnet patch blooming downtown. These bluebonnets are Townies and it’s typical for them to bloom first as they’re protected from temperature extremes unlike they’re Free-Rangers brethren out in the fields. Fields around Brenham have not begun to bloom as of March 4, 2014.

Ennis reports lots of bluebonnet plants on the ground waiting for temperatures to warm up and the sun to shine but no substantial blooming as of March 4, 2014.

As you’re making your plans for Bluebonnet Roadtrips this season, don’t forget the Bluebonnet Festivals that happen in the month of April. Unfortunately due to Easter falling on the third weekend of April, all Bluebonnet Festivals — Chappell Hill, Burnet, and Ennis — will be happening on the same weekend, April 12-13.

We know, we know, so many bluebonnets, so little time — so pick your festival and enjoy the heck out of it!

Stay tuned! We’ll post updates each week until the season gets rolling.



Update as of February 22, 2014:

With all the rain, snow, ice, and cold weather Texas has gotten the past several months, we believe the makings for a great Texas Bluebonnet season are underway!

Keep that in mind while y’all are hunkering down against those cold, blue norther winds!

Believe it or not, Texas Bluebonnets LOVE this type of weather and come out even more beautiful in the end. Yes, they are true Texas tough!

We did a little reconnoitering in Central Texas and the Texas Hill Country over the holidays and we are very happy to announce that our little bundles of beauty are doing quite well. We saw lots of bluebonnet rosettes! Woot! Woot!

We’ll be flying to Texas at the end of February to attend the Texas Invasive Plant & Pest Conference — we’re looking for ways to help eradicate that noxious weed known as Bastard Cabbage — and y’all know we’ll have our eyes locked down and looking for bluebonnet rosettes on our way to Port Aransas.

In the meantime, be patient — yes, we know it’s hard — but they’ll be here before we know it!