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Oh my! Bluebonnets in our old stomping grounds! A big thank you to Christina Leisk for sending in this bluebonnet sightings report! We hear about this field every year. Good to see it’s come back!

Thank you to Richain Herod for sending additional photos of this great field! We certainly appreciate it!

If y’all go to this field, please, please, please don’t trample the bluebonnets. Mercy sakes! This poor field gets stomped every year and we’re surprised it comes back to take the abuse another year. Y’all be bluebonnet heroes and if you see someone trampling through the bluebonnets, speak up and ask them to nicely watch where they’re stepping. We know it’s hard to do but the only way bluebonnet fields will be able to produce seeds for future generations is if we hold our fellow humans accountable for their actions today.

Here’s the lowdown on this bluebonnet field:
  • Stage of Bloom Cycle: Peak Bloom Stage. Flower stalks are full of blooms. All banner petals are white.
  • Bluebonnet Blanket: Thick. The bluebonnet plants are packed together like a can of sardines.
  • Bluebonnet Landscape: Bluebonnet carpet! Nothing but bluebonnets on a flat landscape.
  • Bluebonnet Field Size:Small. Field is
  • Accessible to Public?: Yes. It is on private property and the owner is allowing the public onto it.
  • Parking Nearby?: Yes. There is safe parking on the shoulder or away from the main road.
  • Kid/Pet Friendly?: Yes. The field is away from heavy, fast-moving traffic at all times.

Christina says the bluebonnet field is not only a Kid & Pet Friendly Bluebonnet Field but there’s also a small pond on the property which would add interest to your bluebonnet pictures.

Y’all enjoy! : )





View 2013 Texas Bluebonnet Sightings in a larger map


  1. Nelda Patterson

    Thank you sooooooooooooooooo much for sharing! Ive been looking for a filed close to home! You just made my day. Now on to schedule a visit.

    • bluebonnets

      No prob! We love making other bluebonnet lovers day. Enjoy! Hurry for that field. It gets trampled pretty quick. : )

  2. I’d like to visit the field tomorrow(3/29). Would you pl. e-mail the
    address, so we can find it easily? Thank you so much.

  3. What’s the closest cross street?

  4. Martha jaramillo

    How do I get there? I’m in la Porte and am excited about going but I don’t have the directions to get there.
    I’m not too familiar with my surroundings yet but this beats going to Brenham.

  5. bluebonnets

    For everyone who has asked about the location of this field, click on the map we have provided, zoom in and out of the map to get your bearings, and then determine your route to the field. The marker on the map is the exact location of the field.

  6. Erica G

    This post is a few weeks old, so I was just wondering if the condition of the field is still good before I make the hour long trip out there.

  7. I cannot find the actual address using the link. It just keeps going back yo the pictures. If anyone is able to post the actual address I would greatly appreciate it :) thanks!

  8. bluebonnets

    It’s at the intersection of Lawrence Road and League City Parkway (otherwise known as 96). There is no actual street address for the field.

  9. Thanks “bluebonnets” :)

  10. preethi

    Are the bluebonnets still there?

  11. Drove by today, nothing was there. Do they grow seasonally?

    • bluebonnets

      Yes, they typically bloom between mid-March and mid-April. It might have looked as if nothing was growing, but if you’d have gotten out of your car and walked around a bit you probably would have seen the baby rosettes growing. Bluebonnets sprout seedlings — called rosettes — starting in October and then lay low for the Texas winters. Come February or March they’ll start raising their bloom heads to get ready for blooming season. For League City, odds are they’ll start blooming in late March and then they’ll be in all their glory.

  12. Lindsey

    Have they started blooming yet? Im wanting to take pictures the weekend of the 29th but worry with cold weather they won’t have bloomed yet.

  13. U can give me address and thank u inform about bluebonnet : )

  14. We visited this location on Sunday, March 30th, and the bluebonnets were beautiful! This was my first time to see the bluebonnets in bloom and I got to take some beautiful pictures of my grandkids.

    • Hi sue,

      Thank you for the info. So you recently went and all was good? Did you just use the map provided?

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