Cedar Park | Brushy Creek Lake Park

A big thank you to Shawn for sending in this bluebonnet sightings report. This is an awesome Kid & Pet Friendly Bluebonnet Field for the Austin area! We were there just last week and the bluebonnets hadn’t really gotten going yet. We weren’t sure whether they would bloom well or not, so needless to say, we were tickled to see Shawn’s photos.

Brushy Creek Lake Park is located at 3300 Brushy Creek Road in Cedar Park, Texas. Click here for more information on the park.

Shawn says, “There is a great patch of bluebonnets about 10ft wide running the whole length of the main open area of Brushy Creek Lake Park. It is VERY kid-friendly. Just park in any of the little parking lots and walk down toward the lake … you can’t miss them! While you’re there you can walk the trail, feed the ducks or play on the playscape. Enjoy! ”

Here’s the lowdown on this bluebonnet field:
  • Stage of Bloom Cycle: Peak Bloom Stage. Flower stalks are full of blooms. All banner petals are white.
  • Bluebonnet Blanket: Average. There are lots of plants but they have room to breathe.
  • Bluebonnet Landscape: Bluebonnet carpet! Nothing but bluebonnets on a flat landscape.
  • Bluebonnet Field Size: Average. Field is <5 acres and is an average rural field.
  • Accessible to Public?: Yes. It is on public property and people can easily go onto it.
  • Parking Nearby?: Yes. There is safe parking on the shoulder or away from the main road.
  • Kid/Pet Friendly?: Yes. The field is away from heavy, fast-moving traffic at all times.

Y’all enjoy! : )




View 2013 Texas Bluebonnet Sightings in a larger map


  1. Wesley B

    Went out there today and there were plenty of large patches in full bloom. Many of our usual spots were pretty spotty this year and we thought we wouldn’t find a good place for photos. Thanks for the report becuase our photos came out wonderfully.

    • bluebonnets

      You’re welcome! Thanks for letting us know we helped you. We appreciate it! : )

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