Texas Hill Country Bluebonnet Alert! | RR 152 between Llano and Castell

Oh yeah! This weekend Llano County bluebonnets were FAN. TAB. U. LOUS!

Our friend, Yvonne Stark, joined us on the Hill Country leg of our 12-Day Bluebonnet Extravaganza Roadtrip. We’ve been wanting to lock down the location of this hill so we could get our own photos of it. Thanks to Cathy Alba for helping us find it!

The hill has special meaning to us. It was the first photo we used as both our Twitter avatar and Facebook profile pic. So while we were there, we had some fun!

This hill is located on RR 152 just east of Castell, Texas, on the way to Llano. The entire road is lined with bluebonnets and other wildflowers. It was one of our favs this weekend. Enjoy!


Disclaimer: For our European visitors — the hand sign being used in the photograph is not considered offensive in the United States. It is in fact used as the hand sign for The University of Texas at Austin. It represents the horns of a Longhorn steer. American college students, especially Texans, use hand signs as a way of communicating which school they attend. Through an innocent mistake of our own, made at a Franco-American street festival in Paris, we quickly learned it was a no-no to use this hand sign in Europe. : )


Bluebonnets and Texas Longhorns on RR 152 in Llano County, Texas

Our Bluebonnet Hill on RR 152 near Castell, Texas | Taken on March 31, 2012, by PerriAngela Wickham


Location on map is approximate.



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