Irving Bluebonnet Alert! | South Story Road

Bluebonnets are kickin’ it urban style, too! Thanks, Michael, for another bluebonnet sightings report from Irving. Bluebonnets can make your day even better when they’re lining a neighborhood street. These are lining the sidewalk along the 1400 and 1500 blocks of South Story Road — and we hear there are a few albino bluebonnets thrown into the mix if you haven’t seen one before. Enjoy! : )

Michael Raymond writes:

Here are some more Bluebonnet sightings here in my hometown of Irving including a couple rare Albino (White/Pink) ones. These bunches are located along the 1400 & 1500 Blocks of S. Story Rd.


Bluebonnets lining the sidewalk in Irving, Texas

Bluebonnets lining S. Story Road in Irving, Texas | Taken on March 27, 2012, by Michael Raymond









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